View off the back of our boat

View off the back of our boat
Boat Harbour

View from our boat

View from our boat

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crossing to the Bahamas

The scooter is back on the boat, I have provisioned for the last time for hopefully THE last time.
We along with about 30 other boats with people we know are planning to head out at first light tomorrow. The waves are a little more than I like and Thursday looks better BUT too often we have seen something 2 days away disappear and also there is ANOTHER front coming through on Fri so Wed and Thurs are the travel days.
I have the last load of laundry in the dryer. I sent all the emails I remembered to send. We called most of our family this evening.
I don't have everything secured --I will have to do last minute things in the morning. I will also pack out lunch and bring it upstairs.
I have my new camera and I will try --again to get some good pictures and post them.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy halloween

We left Melbourne yesterday morning. Had a couple heavy showers but no problem. Paul did not have to go out in them to lower the mast for a bridge --no low bridges yesterday.
We anchored at Pine Island just in time to watch the NASCAR race.
Rain started last night and was very heavy at times. We had some pretty good wind gust but we were snug in our anchorage --only boat in there.
Last time we anchored there we had several Manatees playing. Didn't see any this time. We did see several yesterday and lots of dolphins.
There is an Osprey on every post --except a few have pelicans. Most of the nest are gone now.
I got to sleep in this morning because it was raining really hard. Paul heard on the VHF there was a water spout not too far from us but, thankfully, we didn't see any sign of it.
Last night I talked to Bob Williams on the telephone --a bunch of RMHYC friends are in Stuart. Talked on the radio this morning to Andrew Benjamin. They are in Vero with more RMHYC people.
We are having some rain now as we travel on south -probably to Manatee Pocket -have to see what the wind direction is when we get a little closer.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sat Oct 29

We are in Telemar Marina in Melbourne Beach. Had a wonderful dinner with wonderful friends Paul & Connie Murgo.
We had some rain today while traveling from Mosquito Lagoon where we anchored last night --great night, The rain was light to nothing but didn't bother us except twice when Paul had to go out to lower & raise the mast for bridges.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Oct 27

Wow I'm on a roll 3 times in a row
We had another beautiful traveling day --more dolphins - more than yesterday- no manatees yet. 2 big beautiful Bad Eagles. Past through St Augustine today- saw the lighthouse.
Not much boat traffic --our friends Mike & Linda came through the Dismal Swamp yesterday and said it was packed with "snowbirds" but very few have made it this far south yet --many insurances do not cover this far south until Nov 1 --we just have no tropical storm coverage until Nov 1 --we were a little nervous about Rina or whatever the name was but lucked out on that.
We are anchored at Ft Matanzas. Beautiful sunset-- some no seeums but not as many as yesterday--and this morning. Paul put a hat on when he pulled up the anchor to keep from getting bitten.
I made a pizza crust and then pizza for dinner. I used some of the dough to make buns for sandwiches later in the week.
All for now

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wed Oct 26

We Finally got off the dock today --YEAH!!!!
We left Brunswick about 9. We had a pefect day not hot not cold -calm waters, lots of dolphins, lots of beautiful wild horses on Cumberland Island.
There was a lot of activity at Kings Bay Sub base. Saw tops of 2 subs at the dock but none, thank goodness, underway.
We are anchored at Fort George. Beautiful evening. Could not set out on the bow to enjoy the sunset because the no seems were out but I sure can't complain

8 months later

I started this once and it disappeared.
I feel off the face of the earth and landed on the farm ( Farmville on Facebook)
Brief history =
We enjoyed Feb-may on Dickies Cay -Abaco
Left in a big hurry early June when my Mom, age 97 had a "bad spell". We did our first overnight crossing --all went well.
I went to West Virginia for 7 weeks.
I did go to my 50 year HS reunion --don't know how a 35 yr old can have a 50 yr reunion --just maybe I am not as young as I think. My body keeps telling me that EVERY day.
Paul survived 7 weeks alone in the awful heat.
Our 13 month old scooter got stolen the end of Aug.
Paul & I both took it hard and got nothing done for more than a month.
We now have our new one. We had several problems trying to get a security system installed on this one. But now it is finally loaded on the boat and ready to go tomorrow.
We are headed to West Palm. We have an appt to get our water maker worked on then cross the next window --provided Rina does not try to spoil our plans.
We will have our SPOT ( GPS tracking device) turned on so if you want to follow us just pop me an email at and I will send it to you. I would post if here but I can't figure out how to do that yet.
All for now

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Veggie Car race

Our car and our award

Our award

Our car

Boy it sure has been a long time an a lot of water under the boat since I last wrote but I wanted to share our veggie car while I had the pictures up.
Our friend Judy from Amarse is here staying with us for 3 weeks. She, Paul & I built our entry in the veggie car race.
It was made with an eggplant and had wheels made from carrots. She had a little difficulty getting started --with a slight push she ran beautifully but a push is not allowed so she did not win the race. What happened to such a fine engineered car you ask? It was a very hot day and, like many of us, she wilted. When she wilted her nose drug the ground so she needed the little push to get moving. Never fear though we did win the peoples choice award voted by everyone in attendance. The award was also very neat.