View off the back of our boat

View off the back of our boat
Boat Harbour

View from our boat

View from our boat

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8 months later

I started this once and it disappeared.
I feel off the face of the earth and landed on the farm ( Farmville on Facebook)
Brief history =
We enjoyed Feb-may on Dickies Cay -Abaco
Left in a big hurry early June when my Mom, age 97 had a "bad spell". We did our first overnight crossing --all went well.
I went to West Virginia for 7 weeks.
I did go to my 50 year HS reunion --don't know how a 35 yr old can have a 50 yr reunion --just maybe I am not as young as I think. My body keeps telling me that EVERY day.
Paul survived 7 weeks alone in the awful heat.
Our 13 month old scooter got stolen the end of Aug.
Paul & I both took it hard and got nothing done for more than a month.
We now have our new one. We had several problems trying to get a security system installed on this one. But now it is finally loaded on the boat and ready to go tomorrow.
We are headed to West Palm. We have an appt to get our water maker worked on then cross the next window --provided Rina does not try to spoil our plans.
We will have our SPOT ( GPS tracking device) turned on so if you want to follow us just pop me an email at and I will send it to you. I would post if here but I can't figure out how to do that yet.
All for now

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