View off the back of our boat

View off the back of our boat
Boat Harbour

View from our boat

View from our boat

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Veggie Car race

Our car and our award

Our award

Our car

Boy it sure has been a long time an a lot of water under the boat since I last wrote but I wanted to share our veggie car while I had the pictures up.
Our friend Judy from Amarse is here staying with us for 3 weeks. She, Paul & I built our entry in the veggie car race.
It was made with an eggplant and had wheels made from carrots. She had a little difficulty getting started --with a slight push she ran beautifully but a push is not allowed so she did not win the race. What happened to such a fine engineered car you ask? It was a very hot day and, like many of us, she wilted. When she wilted her nose drug the ground so she needed the little push to get moving. Never fear though we did win the peoples choice award voted by everyone in attendance. The award was also very neat.


JR said...

Love the veggie car. I'm sorry to hear that she didn't win the race.

Post more often! You've got lots of dreamers following your travels from Trawler Blogs.

Fair Winds and Following Seas...

Jacob said...

Are you finding lots of Man O War in the water? Aries Too is in West End, Grand Bahama Island, and has posted some beautiful images of jellies. Seems like it might mike swimming a pain until they pass.

Gary Nisperly said...

How did you make out with Irene?
How do I find you on facebook?

Gary Nisperly